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Sr. Carol Keehan is Back on the Obama Reservation

Obama water carrier and dissident nun sister whatever is happy that Obama compromised on his threat to force Catholic hospitals, schools, charities, etc. to provide birth control to their employees.

We know Catholics don’t subscribe to the contraceptive teachings . . . of their bishops,” she said. “But they are intensely proud of the church’s ministry to the poor, to the sick.”

“To say to those of us in health care and universities . . . that we are not ministries because we don’t spend all of our time evangelizing or don’t hire our own,” she continued, “did not respect the heritage of what hospitals and Catholic charities have contributed to the church.”

Clearly, a nerve had been hit.

The nerve appears to be hit because Obama did not consider what they were doing "ministries". They considered it "social work" because, well... that's what it is. And interesting point seems to be that she thinks Catholics don't subscribe to the contraceptive teachings . . .of their bishops. Their bishops. Not her bishops. If she doesn't subscribe to the teaching of the Living Magesterium of the Catholic Church it makes her, well... Protestant. She should no longer present herself as some sort of theological spokesman spokeswoman spokesperson for the Catholic Church. And her bishop, who she doesn't consider hers, should excommunicate her post-haste until she remembers to vow she made of poverty, chastity and obedience.

Obama's compromise goes like this: You don't have to buy contraception for your people, but you have to buy insurance that provides it free of charge, so if the insurance company is providing it free, there's no problem. Well, God understands that there is a problem, and He's basically the only one who matters. But Keehan is fine with this:

“Fortunately, they caught it, they fixed it,” Keehan said. “And we should continue to make the Affordable Care Act work for people who have nothing or very little in health insurance. And not be distracted.”

They didn't fix anything. They tried to fool us with a shell game, and Keehan was either fooled, or is complicit in the fraud. Charity dictates I assume stupidity until I find evidence to the contrary.

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